Our Philosophy

Renwick & Payne’s principle is that our firm’s primordial concern and mission must be to give solid, quality legal service with uncompromising fidelity to client interest. Our law firm maintains a commitment to excellence and is dedicated to providing experienced professional services to our clients in a wide range of legal matters.

Whomever you talk to at Renwick & Payne, you will receive clear, honest and timely advice about your problem, based on an expert knowledge of Law generally & local legislation. We maintain the highest standards of integrity, confidentiality and discretion. We work with you up front to understand your financial parameters. From the beginning, we try to anticipate all the work that will be involved so that we can provide financial predictability to you.

We believe that our clients require a relationship of trust and confidence, a relationship that can only be forged with a consistent dedication to excellent service, responsiveness, caring and loyalty to client interest. Renwick & Payne has continuously received professional recognition and respect for our work on behalf of our clients. We are respected professionals, with successful reputations and professional skills that we have built conscientiously over time.